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When deciding on a Resume Writing Service, taking location into consideration is important because partnering with a local Certified Resume Writer (CPRW) will provide you insight into the local labor market as well as enable you to meet in-person. John Hancock Resumes maintains three locations (Lexington, Louisville & Cincinnati) to provide local insight to a diverse range of professionals from entry-level up to and including executives. Whether you’re looking to meet your writer in-person, or simply want to avoid one of the distant online services, you’ve come to the right place.

  • John Hancock Resumes has provided professional services to Lexington residents since 2003. We’ve had the opportunity to analyze the Kentucky labor market as well as both appreciate and understand the its unique culture. Whether you need to polish your resume for an upcoming job search or are looking for insight regarding local hiring trends, we’re here to help. Call (859) 940-2013 to learn more.

    John Hancock Resumes
    2781 Kearney Creek Ln, Lexington, KY 40511

  • After establishing a reputation as a top resume writer for more than 10 years both in Lexington a major freelance service, John Hancock Resumes expanded into the Louisville, KY market. We now offer a full range of professional services at our newest location. Because working with a local writer is important, we make regular trips to our Louisville office to meet clients in-person. Please call (859) 940-2013 to learn more.

    John Hancock Resumes
    2001 Spring Dr. #2, Louisville, KY 40205

  • In addition to Kentucky, John Hancock Resumes offers professional services to Ohio residents. Like our office in Louisville, you’ll find us traveling to conduct face-to-face meetings with many clients who live in the greater Cincinnati area. As frequent city visitors for more than 30 years, we look forward to helping clients to propel their career and highlight their best skills. Call (859) 940-2013 to learn more.

    John Hancock Resumes
    Cincinnati, OH

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Advance your career by partnering with a local certified writer (CPRW) who offers 13+ years of success working with clients from all walks of life.

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Wesley Pearce did an outstanding job creating my resume. He was able to meet the day I contacted him and had the final copy within a short time. It was very professional and highlighted keywords that caught the attention of hiring managers. I highly recommend this company!

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Clint E., Sales Manager